I’m an economist at the Office of Financial Research (OFR), an organization created by Congress after the recent financial crisis to develop standards, data and research to facilitate financial stability. Before coming to OFR, I studied backer behavior and what makes projects successful at Kickstarter. My work designing methods to map out technology landscapes of startups and their investors at Quid has been featured in BusinessWeek, the Harvard Business Review, and The Telegraph. I have also designed a variety of economic models and analyses for the Departments of Defense, Treasury, State, Homeland Security, NSF, and White House.

I believe in making scientific inquiry relevant and accessible across different disciplines. I’ve led a number of interdisciplinary teams and my own research is somewhat interdisciplinary too – I focus on building more realistic economic models of markets and crowds through measuring information from textual sources, capturing the role of relationships in social and financial networks, and incorporating new innovations and policies. I have also spent years working with students and educators to develop effective mentoring programs and curricula that make scientific principles, careers, and resources more accessible to others. Whether I am traveling, online, or designing a new model, I’m typically trying to get under the skin of different neighborhoods and communities to see how changes develop for better or for worse, how policies interact with people, and how organizations innovate and evolve.

All of the views presented here are my own and do not reflect those of my employer.

Contact me at ayeh@heyayeh.com.