This poem was originally published in Entropy.

/man·trap/ noun
a room or area used for access control, containing a series of doors that cannot be open at the same time to prevent unauthorized entry as permissioned individuals enter or exit

From inside,
I see them at a distance
through layers of black fence

I snapped this photo as I was leaving Sunday’s March from the White House to the Capitol Building. As the daylight hours, and with them the time for afternoon prayers, waned, this sister stole a quiet spot for some alone time with God. I won’t pretend to know what she prayed for, but these days I find myself reflecting a great deal on the future of our country and praying for the United States, for my friends and their families, for the future of those Americans I don’t know but hope to get to know…

I must say yesterday’s conversation about Caltech professor Alice Huang’s advice column in Science magazine largely missed the point. In case you missed it, Dr. Huang responded to a woman postdoc writing in for advice about her advisor who keeps staring down her shirt. In Huang’s response, since retracted by Science but available through internet archives, she says “As long as your adviser does not move on to other advances, I suggest you put up with it, with good humor if you can.”